Onboarding new clients

Why Clients Repeatedly Choose Markoff Law

Relationships Built on Results

Markoff Law’s experience spans decades of industry and regulatory evolution. Throughout the years, our firm repeatedly distinguishes itself through our focus on compliance, professionalism, and results. Our team maintains the trust and confidence of our clients through an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality of legal counsel combined with service excellence.

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Client Portal

Markoff Law’s Client Portal provides a secure and easy way to for clients to pay their invoices.  Each invoice generated by Markoff Law will contain a password in the upper right hand corner providing clients of the firm access to the Client Portal to process their invoices.

Sharp Focus on Service

Markoff Law LLC is dedicated to a philosophy of long-term partnerships with our clients. We work with all clients to gain a deeper understanding of their needs. By investing this time and developing a relationship, we are able to provide the greatest value and avoid the “one-size-fits-all” mentality. We believe that communication is the key to success and our Client Services Department is dedicated to making sure you stay abreast of developments, updates, and important information in regard to your case(s). We proudly keep our clients happy through rapid responses to all client inquiries.

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Credit Unions

Auto Finance Companies

Consumer Finance Companies

Commercial Lenders


Professional Service Providers



Landlords / Management Companies

Debt Purchasers


Compliance Is Our Core

Our Compliance Department is responsible for ensuring that all internal standard operating procedures are being followed, safeguarding the brand and reputation of each client. We demonstrate an unwavering adherence to rules, regulations, processes, and procedures that infuse efficiency and compliance into our operations to provide quality services and results. Our investments in infrastructure ensure security and compliance with evolving industry regulations and standards of best practice, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and all other laws that govern the accounts receivable management industry.

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Fee Structures

Markoff Law customizes each litigation strategy to meet the needs of and parameters determined by our clients. As part of this, we also customize our fee structure. Depending on the strategy, we offer contingency, hourly, and hybrid (flat fee + contingency) fee structures. 

Our goal is to provide you our services at the most affordable rates. We understand that accounts receivable can negatively impact cash flow; our representation agreements and fee structures are carefully designed to help clients achieve successful resolution with limited risk.

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